Cleaning Products

Dannevirke Suzuki offers a wide range of Clark Products for your Home or Business.  Whatever your job is, we can help.

HDC Handcleaner
Available In:3.5kg, 18kg & 170kg
Premium quality gel handcleaner with powerful cleaning properties. Contains antiseptic to protect against cuts and abrasions from becoming infected.

Rid Rust Metal Treatment
Available In:5Lt & 20Lt
Acid based liquid metal treatment which removes and kills rust on ferrous metals.

Available In:5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt
Heavy duty vehicle cleaner formulated to remove dirt, road film, exhaust fumes and staining from cars, truck and trailer canopies and caravans.

Supaclene Heavy Duty Cleaner
 Available In:5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt
 A strong alkaline cleaner with effective grease cutting power to clean hard surfaces.

Liquid Hand Soap
Available In:5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt
High quality hand soap which sanitises and is mild on hands. Ideal for industrial/commercial applications.

Washing Soda
Available In:1kg & 25kg
An easily dissolved, environmentally friendly natural product with low allergy properties making it a versatile, mulitpurpose hard surface cleaner and laundry product.

Barrier Cream
Available In:500ml, 1Lt & 5Lt
The perfect partner to HDC and True Grit handcleaners. Silicon based cream protects the skin and enhances the removal of contaminants from hands.

Shower Gloss
Available In:500ml, 5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt
Acid based cleaner for removing contaminants from shower walls, vanities and stainless steel.