Our finance solutions make it easy for you to get the Suzuki you want. Whether it’s to zip around the city, enjoying New Zealand’s amazing countryside, or to keep your business on the road, we can tailor a finance solution to meet your needs and budget. We have available UDC Finace, Finance NOW and MTF to help you on your way.

About UDC Finance

Suzuki New Zealand has partnered with UDC Finance Limited to bring you Suzuki Finance. UDC has been helping finance New Zealanders for 75 years. By offering genuine personal service and tailored flexible solutions UDC is New Zealand's Finance Company.



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Use this loan repayments calculator to find out what the repayment amounts will be on different loan amounts.
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About finance NOW

With finance Now, you can be sure you're dealing with an organisation that knows and understands the needs of real Kiwis. We’re a local company, 100% owned and operated by Kiwis – and proud of it. You can contact our team with any questions you may have.

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About MTF

Our finance options are suitable for just about any vehicle – car, light truck, motorbike, van, ute or farm bike – and they're easy to arrange.

We offer flexible terms so you can fit the frequency and amount of repayments to your budget.

You can include mechanical breakdown insurance, even if you buy privately, as well as payment waiver, that will cover your repayments if you can't through redundancy or illness.

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